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Ebony Champagne Bar

The staff of this prestigious venue in the historic city of Durham originally used a CD player to play a limited number of music tracks in a continuous loop. Ebony’s owner, Marcia Watson, approached BeeBox to install a managed background music solution that would offer greater variety, and require the minimum of interaction on a daily basis. “Setting the right tone and ambience is important to us. We pitch Ebony towards a more discerning, aspirational and affluent client so the appropriate music choices are central to this. The system is very user friendly and intuitive which allows us to...

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UK pubs are now feeling the pressure more than ever to stay afloat. The combination of alcohol duty increases, rising inflation and increased costs brought about by the likes of minimum-wage legislation could have a major effect on the future of many British pubs. Uncertainty Add to that the uncertainty as to how Brexit will affect consumer spending, and pressures from big-name chain pubs such as JD Wetherspoon and Greene King, and you can see why pub landlords are worried. All this comes at a time when the British Beer and Pub Association has released figures which reveal, for...

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Post Messages INSTANTLY To Your Screens

There are some situations where you want to put a message on-screen instantly – that’s why we created Instant Replay! Play Messages… Instantly Instant Replay allows you to load a graphics template, customise the text, and play it out, all within a few seconds! An Extra Tool for DJs DJs will love templates with Happy Birthday messages, engagements, divorces and other celebrations. People love HEARING and SEEING their own names. Instant Replay helps me achieve great customer interactions… that makes people come back again and again! Unique Promotions Bar managers can cash in and boost profits by creating demand with time-limited drinks offers and...

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24/7 Support

Choice of Service Agreements You will be offered a choice of service level agreements to meet your needs and budget. All will include telephone and e-mail support during office hours, and a supplementary out-of-hours service. Remote Resolution Most problems can be resolved remotely within a few minutes – minimising down-time to you. Service Depots – Close To You Our resellers operate a network of service depots around the UK. If a call-out is needed – you can be sure there is a engineer in your area. Need support now? Click...

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Why an iPod is a BAD choice for background music

Bad for Business? Looking to save costs, many publicans choose to just plug in their iPods (or other generic MP3 music players) and use these as a source of background music. Here is why this can be a bad business decision. REASON #1 – Volume Levels MP3s sourced from a variety of different albums and download sites will have varying volume levels and dynamic characteristics. This could be noticeable to your customers, with loud tracks interrupting conversation and prompting them to head elsewhere. REASON #2 – Poor sound quality Depending on the bit-rate the MP3 file is encoded, the...

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