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24/7 Support

Choice of Service Agreements You will be offered a choice of service level agreements to meet your needs and budget. All will include telephone and e-mail support during office hours, and a supplementary out-of-hours service. Remote Resolution Most problems can be resolved remotely within a few minutes – minimising down-time to you. Service Depots – Close To You Our resellers operate a network of service depots around the UK. If a call-out is needed – you can be sure there is a engineer in your area. Need support now? Click...

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Why an iPod is a BAD choice for background music

Bad for Business? Looking to save costs, many publicans choose to just plug in their iPods (or other generic MP3 music players) and use these as a source of background music. Here is why this can be a bad business decision. REASON #1 – Volume Levels MP3s sourced from a variety of different albums and download sites will have varying volume levels and dynamic characteristics. This could be noticeable to your customers, with loud tracks interrupting conversation and prompting them to head elsewhere. REASON #2 – Poor sound quality Depending on the bit-rate the MP3 file is encoded, the...

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Why you SHOULDN’T use Spotify for commercial background music

Many bars and venues see consumer music services (such as Spotify) as a cheap and easy method of obtaining background music. However, there are a number of reasons why this is a bad business decision. REASON #1 – Legality Spotify is not licenced for commercial use in the UK. This means you cannot legally use Spotify in a pub, bar, restaurant for background music. (See Spotify user agreement) REASON #2 – Sound Quality Less than one third of Spotify’s tracks are available at the highest bitrate quality of 320KBps. Most stream at 160KBps which can lead in a noticeable...

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Unique Promotional Ideas – To Make Your Venue #1

Unique Promotional Ideas BeeBox System have long been the leaders in entertainment technology for the bar industry, introducing ideas such as text-2-screen, editable digital signage and touchscreen table service. Push Button Games Push Button Games (also known as happy hour games) are a great way to reward customers. Up to 5 offers of your choice flash randomly on-screen – creating visual appeal. Offers could include discounts, half-price drinks, vouchers towards food. After purchasing drinks from the bar, customers push a button to randomly select an offer. The outcomes and ratios can be chosen by you. Find out more about Push Button...

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3 QUICK tips for getting the most out of your venue’s sound system

It’s All About The Sound Quality Sound quality is an area often overlooked by busy managers. By spending just a few minutes checking and adjusting your sound system – you will help make the music in your venue sound more clear and pleasing to staff and customers a-like. TIP #1: Check the EQ, Bass and Treble controls The bass and treble controls affect the tone of the music. Adjust the bass until drum beats sound punchy, but don’t overdo it or this will lead to distortion and can stress your speakers. Adjust the treble until hi-hats and cymbals are sharp...

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