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Visual Voice-overs

NOTE: The music clips in this video have been deliberately shortened Voice-overs with synchronised visuals are a great way to make your customers sit up and take notice of your promotions. This can lead to increased sales and higher revenues. A placeholder image with your venue’s logo will display about 30 seconds before the promotion is due to start, to ensure a clean cut from your regular digital signage. If you don’t already have any of the required elements, BeeBox Systems can take care of all aspects of production, including: Voice-over scripting, recording and mastering Visuals design and animation Final editing and distribution to your system. For best results we recommend you commission 5-10 promotions, with each one 15 seconds in duration. Using the BeeBox, you can opt to run the visual voice-overs at different frequencies across the day. Once every 15-20 minutes gives a good level of impact, without being...

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Kids Party Songs & Dances

Family fun days, kids parties, and “mini-discos” in the style of those found at popular holiday resorts around the world, are a great way to attract new customers and create an extra source of revenue this summer. To help get the party started, we’ve added a new music category to the DJ Control called Kids Party Songs & Dances This addition features party-dance classics like Agadoo, The Conga, and “I Am The Music Man”, right through to the (annoying catchy) holiday park anthems from kids entertainment legends Justin Fletcher and “Rik & Nik” Here’s a taster for you to...

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Time to Chillout?

With more venues opening through the early hours, we’ve created the perfect “zoned-out” soundtrack for early morning coffees or end-of-the-night chills! We’ve combined laid-back acoustic covers of current pop hits, added a sprinkling of chilled out Ibiza house, and a generous helping of well known chill-out classics. To find your chills, do a Change Programme to programme 100 on your BeeBox System...

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Out With The Playlist!

Anybody who listens to music can put together a playlist! They usually spurt of a list of their favourite tracks, or artists, give it a shuffle and consider the job done. A playlist, while perfect for private listening, is the WORST IDEA EVER in a bar or pub environment! Let’s look at what is specifically wrong with a “Playlist”: It is, inherently a list of music tracks. When played daily, it quickly becomes predictable, dated and tired. The selection is biased towards the creator’s own likes and mood: how can you be sure that matches what is best for...

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More Music Categories for DJs

With today’s “on-demand” society, DJs, karaoke presenters and show operators are under pressure to find and play music as quickly as possible. At BeeBox, we are always striving to make the system bigger and better for our users – after all – having the right music helps Build a Better Bar. This week, we have improved the layout of the music library on the DJ Control screen, and there are now over 40 categories to choose from. The “Current” music category has now been split by genre. There is a new section to help find suitable music for pre-match...

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