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Don’t Stand Still

  Very interesting article in todays Morning Advertiser regarding the continued and worrying rate of closures among licenced premises. It’s not all doom and gloom however, with encouraging news that multiple venue operators are increasingly looking towards Northern cities to grow portfolios! Undoubtedly though, the key message in this report for those in the industry currently experiencing challenging times is, ‘don’t stand still’. As Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. It’s a fiercely competitive sector we operate in, so to remain ahead of the game its imperative  that Owners, Tenants & Managers of venues keep offers fresh and the environment engaging and not simply fall in line with the...

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5 Top Tips for Creating Effective Digital Signage

Whether you’re looking to engage more with your current customers, reach out for new custom or promote the features and events which make your venue ‘the place to be‘, a well thought out and planned marketing approach is key. By putting some thought into the content of your promotional adverts and the way in which they are displayed throughout your venue, you really can influence customer buying behaviour. Here’s our simple guide covering the basic do’s and don’ts when preparing your Digital Signage content. Your BeeBox comes preinstalled with a professionally designed promotional graphics package. With everything from compelling...

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BeeBox In Northern Ireland

    We are extremely pleased to announce that we have this week entered into a Reseller Licence Agreement with SKC Gaming NI Ltd. The introduction of SKC into our growing network of Trusted Resellers allows us to forge ahead with our growth plans and gives us an important foothold in the exciting and most importantly burgeoning Northern Ireland market. Operating throughout Northern Ireland, SKC have been a key operator in the pub/bar entertainment systems and gaming sector for over 30 years, in that time building an enviable reputation for service and quality, with many of their existing customers having been clients for decades! This agreement represents a significant milestone in BeeBox Systems UK growth strategy and also gives SKC a unique opportunity and offering, not seen in Northern Ireland before. SKC Gaming will act as BeeBox Systems sole Reseller/Distributor of the BeeBox entertainment system for Northern Ireland. BeeBox Systems supply background music and digital signage systems that drive sales, footfall and boost revenue in leisure and retail venues across the...

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Your customers and your music

The studies proving the value of background music are varied and numerous. And the presence of background music never seems too far from our ears (or at least our subconscious inner ear). However, regardless of the business you’re in, it would be complete folly to believe that simply by introducing a blanket of background music of let’s say current chart tunes that you’ll have them queuing round the block to get into your establishment! This is where knowing your customers and a grasp of branding is essential. “Music is the strongest form of magic” Marilyn Manson A great example of...

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Making a good pub into a GREAT PUB

For those with more than a passing interest in what makes a good pub – a great pub, a recent poll conducted by Yougov made for thought-provoking reading. Covering elements and features from  ‘allowing dogs’ through to ‘having fruit machines’, this exhaustive survey carried out earlier this year is a must read article for anyone involved in the bar and pub trade. Not surprisingly the question of food availability ranked highest with 67% of those surveyed placing pubs serving meals as their number one must have! Interestingly, the main body of the survey results centred on what could be...

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